Introduction: The world design is a global event initiated by The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID). The city selected by the company must use design thinking to demonstrate innovation in the development oriented to diversity. The application, and in this case lead other cities to transform. As the world’s design capital in 2016, Taipei can’t just hold one-off, slick and large-scale events. Instead, it must use the concept of creating the future as its core value. The 2016 World Design Capital is a starting point for change. It integrates the design community with society, establishes interdisciplinary cooperation, and repositions Taiwan’s role in global cities.

Adaptive City – Design in Motion /
Taipei City plays host to WDC 2016 and hopes to realize its vision through “design thinking”. One of the plans going forward is to engage its residents in discussion on the betterment of the city. The future of the capital lies in its ability to evolve, to adapt, to set the wheels in motion. Hence the design for the Taipei City logo is a reflection on a capital whose vision of its future is still taking shape. The logo takes the form of an imperfect circle, a derivative of the WDC logo, with design elements in the state of reaching the final form. Three themed logos addressing the ways the city can go forward are titled “Engaging the Community ”, “Connecting Information” and “A City Reborn”. An adaptive city, sets its designs in motion.