What is E-service Volunteer: With the advancement in the development and application of information technology, a group of people cannot enjoy access to information tools and transmission channels due to factors such as regional, occupational, age or socio-economic status, or the quality of information tools and transmission pipelines obtained are poor. This creates an imbalance in the distribution of information and knowledge, which makes it lack of the information literacy that is needed in today’s society. This in turn expands the gap between knowledge, culture, and economy, creates a lack of competitiveness, and creates a “Digital Divide” phenomenon.

This service is mainly for the use of volunteers’ professional information literacy to help reduce the number of rural students in the rural areas. At the same time, it also fosters the spirit of volunteer student service learning. The service content is also maintained from the information equipment. It is transformed into the vitality of schoolchildren and community information year by year. Now, it will also integrate information volunteering with professionalism and creativity to assist with local characteristics planning, applying information to life, cultural collections, and industrial marketing.

Reference: https://ecare.moe.gov.tw/102Achievement/06.php