Catch of the day

ReactJS with Firebase shopping cart

Cubic – an interaction music cube

A laser cut wooden music cube with made with MaxMSP and Arduino to teach children how to recognize music melody.

Handmade Interaction Piano with MaxMSP

A wooden interaction piano inspired by Tom Hanks Big Piano.


A dead simple Twitter like build with React, Apollo-Graphql and MongoDB

Mineroom Website Interface

This project start from early 2016 AxureRP Mockup: Demo: Year 2016 first draft via Sketch and AxureRP screenshots GIF Demo

GogoEat 寶島台灣好食在

A website to introduce Taiwan night market famous food Demo: Screenshot GIF Credit: Background video shot and edit by Horace Chuang HTML/CSS/JS by Curt Liu, Oo Kang Zheng

新竹玻璃工藝之旅 – A glass art tour in HsinChu

Dev: HTML, CSS, JavascriptSource and references: 新竹玻璃工藝博物館 Demo:

Book List with React and Graphql

A simple Book list with React, GraphQL, Mongodb Demo Link: Go (read-only)

The Venue mockup

Demo: Build with ReactJS 16 and Material-UI,Additional awesome plugin: scroll, slick


Demo: Its my first try making API call from SpaceX via GraphQL and React 16 About projectDev dependencies

CSS animated Christmas scene 2018

Live demo: Photo by Kieran White on Unsplash

台東八仙洞 Web VR

Ancient Taitung BaXian Cave exploration via WebVR/Aframe 360 picture capture location: Taiwan Taitung city BaXian CaveCollaborate with 國立台灣史前博物館 Dev: Aframe, Javascript, Jquery DEMO: Screenshot:

Github Profile Finder

After trying out a few ES6+ features, I decided to follow a tutorial and made a vanilla JS fetching Github user profile by using Async/await and Fetch API…