A wooden interaction piano made by handcraft

Location: Chiayi Performing Arts Center. (嘉義縣表演藝術中心 )
Date: 06-Dec-2016 
Event: PlayMaker Impromptu Interactive Education Theater

With the concept of impromptu theater, based on the design of multiple technology interactive experience zones, the people entering the theater are not only watched but also can be grouped by impromptu theaters to demonstrate, imitate and explore the experience. The interactive device allows participants to quickly participate in the unique atmosphere of the interactive and infective theater.

示意圖:為勇氣即興劇場 Guts Imporv Theatre 之演出

Interaction piano introduction

Well-designed seismic keyboard connected to the computer, be adjusted MIDI 128 kinds of sound, by allowing participants to experience this dance-like rhythm.
Inspired by Tom Hanks Big Piano


Copper conductive devices are embedded in each keyboard to transmit signals to the computer through conductive.

Design process

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We use Max/MSP 7 a visual programming language, wrote this interactive program which able compile to Mac and Windows Runtime. 

Demo video

Team members

  1. Prof Chien-Wen Cheng (supervisor)
  2. Horace Chuang
  3. Curt Liu
  4. Oo Kang Zheng (Wooden piano, Max/MSP & MIDI system)