We are Taipei wizardamigos which founded by Alex Praetorius and Nina Breznik. Our aim is to provide tools and community to everyone who wants to better understand technology and work on their ideas. Learn prototyping, how to use programming in science, how to build mobile and desktop apps, and what possibilities can technology bring to your future.

Our event is started on Jan 4th to Feb 6th, 2018 with free of charge. Attendants may have some open speech and pitch about blockchain, self-employed, Javascript, and OSS.

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Landing page

Dev environment
* ReactJS, Next.JS( Heroku ) (Nora Liu)
* Nodejs (Fastify), JWT, REST-API (Oo Kang Zheng)
* Mail subscription: Nodemail (Oo Kang Zheng)
* Database: MySQL 5.7 (Oo Kang Zheng)
Co-founder: Nora Liu, Jerry Lin, Oo Kang Zheng
Demo: https://wizardamigos-codecamp2018.herokuapp.com/landingPage