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Github Profile Finder

After trying out a few ES6+ features, I decided to follow a tutorial and made a vanilla JS fetching Github user profile by using Async/await and Fetch API…

Wizardamigos taipei codecamp 2018

👨🏻‍💻 Landingpage for Wizardamigos Taipei Codecamp

Weather Finder

This project used state, async and event in React16 that I learnt before.  Dev envReact 16.3Demo: Screenshot

Catch of the day

👨🏻‍💻 ReactJS with Firebase shopping cart

TW weather App redesidgn 觀天氣

觀天氣 App 超過100萬下載! 台灣天氣類App代名詞:觀天氣! 觀天氣影音台:氣象報導,氣象知識隨身看. 颱風動態最佳掌握資訊APP. Before  After 👉Demo: AxureRP Demo 

A health-care app protoype Hati-Hati v1

An app designed for caregiver and employer to decrease the cost of communication.

Dept. Interaction Design Official Web – NTUT

Site: PHP, WordPress Mouse scroll effect – GIF

Voice UI for Seniors

We used a voice interface to design natural experiences between the elderly and technology. Research & Ideation Our main learning during the research process was that elderlies tend to…

Family picture in Germany

Course: Information Visualisation, winter 2016Visual concept and data preparation:  I Hong ChengInteractivity and Prototype: Kang Zheng Oo Tutor: Prof. Marian Dörk  Data visualisation as a method to reveal family…